$30 Million to Ashman Kennedy of Kitchener means a better life for his children and grandchildren.

Born in Jamaica and has been living in Kitchener, the kind and thoughtful grandfather had won half of the $60 million jackpot on September 16, 2016 draw. He seldom buy lotto max as he feels it is more expensive compare to 6/49. But then he tried his luck on the lotto max opting for a lucky pick.

The day after the drawing when he checked on the winning numbers, he couldn’t believe that he had won. He had to check his ticket numbers over and over again to confirm that he really won the jackpot.

Out of his excitement he called his son, ex wife and his daughter who he woke up and shared his excitement with. Oblivious on the fact of his good fortune. he had all his 15 family members went with him to claim his prize.

Kennedy only thinks of rum, juice, cigarette and travelling for himself as he intends to let his children, grandchildren and even his ex wife enjoy the millions he had won. He plans to send his grandchildren to good school and let all the family members enjoy to travel wherever they want to go.

With Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, India and China in mind, he is excited to find leisure on travelling with his family. But on top of these places would be his first place to visit, Jamaica.