aug 12

$5 was all it took to win the Lotto Max jackpot of $60 million on August 12, 2016!

Mary Wernicke, had itchy hands when she decided to buy a ticket for a quick pick at the drug store in the town of Switt Current. She only had enough money to buy the ticket saying if she was meant to win, it will just take that much money in her purse.

Five days after the drawing, on the morning that she woke up,, she had a feeiing already that the day will be different. When she found out that she won, she kept it secret for a week from her hometown with only around 80 people.

Winning the jackpot means that she will be able to help all her family of more than 30. She had prayed and dreamed for this opportunity in such a long time that she feels happy it had come true.