lottomax June winner

$55M Lotto Max June 2017 Jackpot Winner

$55M Lotto Max June 2017 Jackpot Winner is the fourth winner from Quebec for this year 2017. Ann-Marie Francis who is married to Ian Warcup had been so excited and surprised when she found out about her winnings the day after the draw. They opted not to tell anyone until the conference when they were awarded the check so that everyone will know about it the same time.

The lucky couple are parents of 5 and grandparents of 3. They have a small business making promotional items like t shirts and hats. They also have a pool in the house to upkeep that makes Warcup busy. He is also the one who regularly buys the tickets.

Ann-Marie and Ian have no plans of quickly changing their lives. Ann-Marie said they always believed they are luckier than most people because they eat everyday. And now that they are millionaires they are thinking of buying more food and more expensive food.

They also plan to keep their small business but plan on working on a lesser time to be able to enjoy life. Also, plans on doing business with their son. They are still weighing if they should buy a new house or just renovate the old one.

$55M Lotto Max June 2017 Jackpot Winner. These couple never lived a very luxurious life before but they always had good health.