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Lotto Max winners Julie Beland, Haidar Abi Haidar, Robert Macri, Diane Dorele Fossouo Djuidje, Nathaniel Thomas, Darius Hozhabr Zandi, Peter Jewett, Randolph Dandan and Enzo Scattone hold up a cheque for $60,000,000.

$60M Lotto Max December 2017 Jackpot Winners

$60M Lotto Max Christmas Blessing has been given to a group of 9 people from Montreal. Lotto max awesome $60 million grand prize on December 22, 2017 draw gave a group of friends the chance to be millionaires. Lucky 9 proves to be true for these people. $60 M Lotto Max December 2017 jackpot winners are Julie Beland, Haidar Abi Haidar, Robert Macri, Diane Dorele Fossouo Djuidje, Nathaniel Thomas, Darius Hozhabr Zandi, Peter Jewett, Randolph Dandan and Enzo Scattone.

This group of winners come from multi-industry company which name they did not mention. No one would talk about what they do for a living or where they work. Some of them are already rich and some are not, however, Beland said it depends on how each of them defines being rich. She claimed that they are people who made efforts that needed to be made to get to where they are now.

Another winner, Haiar Abi Haidar also said that they are comfortable, and money doesn’t create anything. She explained that not all of them are in Finance and that it is complicated to explain.

Enzo Scattone, another winner, found out that they won the jackpot when he checked the internet and found out that winners are from Montreal. Hoping that they might get lucky, he then checked on Loto-Quebec’s website and it was confirmed. Scattone cried when he thought of his family and many other things.

The group has life goals which they will continue to pursue, winning the lottery will just give them more possibilities to make their goals come true. Beland said that they will remain grounded.

The group usually split one ticket, but because this is a holiday season they put in $20 each. Abi Haidar mentioned that they have calculated the odds and it was the first time they put in that much money.

The group will take time to reflect on their future, but winning millions has not changed their life’s goals.

The lucky winners (CNW Group/Loto-Québec)

27 Lotto Max Jackpot Winners Will Help 27 Children.

Ten years – the long wait had finally come to an end. This was how long it took for a group of 27 accountants in Saguenay City Hall’s Finance department to win the Lotto max jackpot on August 04, 2017 draw. It may be a long time coming but it was worth the wait. The winning ticket was bought from Depanneur Cadeko in Sainte-Genevieve by the groups’ representative Guy Perron. Their tickets are usually bought from different places.

Guy Perron was the first one to find out that their group had won the $23 million jackpot. He couldn’t believe it and even thought that the machine wasn’t working properly. After he confirmed that they really won, Guy contacted the co-worker Bruno Gagnon who is also a member of the winning group. Together, they went to their office to get the contact numbers of the other members to spread the great news. However, most of the members were on holiday so it was hard to reach them. But every time they were able to reach a member their adrenaline was pumping.

Guy regards fellow accountants as ‘laid-back people’. They felt weird watching announcers on television talking about their group. They had won a total of $23, 017, 319 with winning numbers: 01, 04, 11, 17, 27, 36, 37 and bonus 47.

The group decided to put the money in the bank and took some time to consider what to do with the money. And as agreed for a common cause, each member would give $1000 to Opération Père Noël du Saguenay−Lac-Saint-Jean. This aims to give at least one gift for 27 children from their region every Christmas for 10 years. 27 Lotto Max jackpot winners will help 27 children.

09.22.17 Lott max $0 M winner

The Highest Lotto Max Jackpot Won in Alberta

Brett McCoy is a pipeline worker who met his wife, Robin Walker in the same oil company he was working at. When they started their family, Robin stopped and is now a stay-at-home mom with a hobby farm. They have four kids, the youngest is 4 and the oldest is 16.

This couple from the Yellowhead County won the $60 million jackpot on the September 22 draw. The highest Lotto Max jackpot won in Alberta. Their ticket is the only one in Canada who got all the 7 winning numbers.

Brett and Robin found out that they have won the jckpot when they stopped in at the McLeod Trading post in the tiny hamlet of Peers, on the day after the big draw. They went there just to buy chicken feed and treats for their 4 children.

When Robin checked the quick pick ticket a whole bunch of numbers came up on the screen. He then called her husband to let him know they have won $60,000. The teller came after her and told her to count all the zeros.

Prior to this big win, McCoy had won $100 for 2 consecutive weeks. Their neighbors had joked about that the third time will be a big win.

The couple is taking their time to decide what they will do with their money. Even before they won the big jackpot, they consider themselves rich in every way except for the money. They only dreamed of expanding their hobby farm. Now they also plan on helping other people. They bought a new truck to pick up the cheque which they had thought over and over if they really need it.

McCoy’s and walker’s winning ticket was an $11 quick pick with the winning Lotto Max numbers: 2, 10, 37, 38, 43, 47.

lottomax June winner

$55M Lotto Max June 2017 Jackpot Winner

$55M Lotto Max June 2017 Jackpot Winner is the fourth winner from Quebec for this year 2017. Ann-Marie Francis who is married to Ian Warcup had been so excited and surprised when she found out about her winnings the day after the draw. They opted not to tell anyone until the conference when they were awarded the check so that everyone will know about it the same time.

The lucky couple are parents of 5 and grandparents of 3. They have a small business making promotional items like t shirts and hats. They also have a pool in the house to upkeep that makes Warcup busy. He is also the one who regularly buys the tickets.

Ann-Marie and Ian have no plans of quickly changing their lives. Ann-Marie said they always believed they are luckier than most people because they eat everyday. And now that they are millionaires they are thinking of buying more food and more expensive food.

They also plan to keep their small business but plan on working on a lesser time to be able to enjoy life. Also, plans on doing business with their son. They are still weighing if they should buy a new house or just renovate the old one.

$55M Lotto Max June 2017 Jackpot Winner. These couple never lived a very luxurious life before but they always had good health.


$30 Million to Ashman Kennedy of Kitchener means a better life for his children and grandchildren.

Born in Jamaica and has been living in Kitchener, the kind and thoughtful grandfather had won half of the $60 million jackpot on September 16, 2016 draw. He seldom buy lotto max as he feels it is more expensive compare to 6/49. But then he tried his luck on the lotto max opting for a lucky pick.

The day after the drawing when he checked on the winning numbers, he couldn’t believe that he had won. He had to check his ticket numbers over and over again to confirm that he really won the jackpot.

Out of his excitement he called his son, ex wife and his daughter who he woke up and shared his excitement with. Oblivious on the fact of his good fortune. he had all his 15 family members went with him to claim his prize.

Kennedy only thinks of rum, juice, cigarette and travelling for himself as he intends to let his children, grandchildren and even his ex wife enjoy the millions he had won. He plans to send his grandchildren to good school and let all the family members enjoy to travel wherever they want to go.

With Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, India and China in mind, he is excited to find leisure on travelling with his family. But on top of these places would be his first place to visit, Jamaica.