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Nine Workers from Guelph Nailed $60 M

Nine workers from Guelph nailed $60 M from the December 21, 2018 Lotto Max jackpot draw. The group had been playing the lottery together for just 2 months.

The winners are all in the same production line on the same shift at Comtech, a Linamar Corporation. They come from different places and some are even immigrants. There are married and there are single individuals who share 17 kids between them. Their ages are between 21 to 57. Eight out of nine are immigrants from Africa, Middle East and South East Asia.

Theirs is a close group who always talk and joke and celebrate each other’s birthday according from their group leader, Ala Hirmiz. And, now they have this unbelievable win to celebrate.

Mercedes Granadino, one of the winners said that she almost didn’t hand over her $5 when it was time to buy their ticket. But she said that she had this sixth sense, like some spirit sitting on her shoulder telling her to play.

The first one to find out about the big win was Fernando Meneses. Mercedes called him early morning on the Saturday following the draw to let him know that she heard from the radio that the winning ticket is from Guelph and forced him to check their ticket.

He scanned it on the OLG Lottery App to find out that he was holding the winning ticket. He actually scanned it five times because he wanted to see the ’60 million, big winner’ that it was showing.

The whole group found out regarding their winning the following Sunday after Fernando discovered they won.

Other group members are Mussie Kelete and Ella Nicole Cabrera who were the first timers to join on the lottery play. Steven Rush who was so surprised that he felt his mind was blown and it felt so overwhelming for him. Bassam Abdi who had only been in Canada for less than a year and would like to explore the country. Tariku Birru has a dream of opening an Ethiopian restaurant. Sampath Pathiraja Mudiyansel plans on buying a coconut plantation in Sri Lanka. A 21-year old woman said that she will study and help parents pay off debts.

The whole group found out regarding the winning the following Sunday after it was discovered they won.

These group said they have already given their resignation letters. Plans for their money include new vehicles, new homes and vacations.

They bought the ticket at a Little Short Stop Store on Silvercreek Parkway in Guelph.

OLG presented a $60 million dollar cheque to the nine coworkers on Thursday that claimed the winning LottoMax jackpot from the December 21 draw.

$60 Million Prize Remains Unclaimed

$60 million prize remains unclaimed from the Oct 26 Lotto Max jackpot draw. A single ticket that was sold in Edmonton matching all seven numbers with following unofficial winning numbers: 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 20, 30 and bonus 45.

According to the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation, no one yet has claimed the jackpot winnings 2 weeks after the draw.

“Sometimes people just haven’t checked their tickets and sometimes big winners like to make some decisions before they begin the claims process,” spokesperson Andrea Marantz said. “A few weeks is not unusual.”

2019 Marks Record High $70 M Jackpot

2019 marks record high $70 M jackpot. This will definitely bring good fortune to Canadians. More chances of winning and higher jackpot prize are something to really look forward to.

Beginning May 11, 2019, Lotto Max jackpot will increase to $70 million from $60 million jackpot cap. The jackpot prize was originally $50 million in 2009 when Lotto Max started and then increased to $60 million in 2015.

In addition to this, there will be 2 weekly draws as the interprovincial lottery game will then have Tuesday draw adding to Friday draw. This will definitely perk up the jackpot prize even more.

Two new prize categories will also be introduced: (1) Match 5/7 + bonus, (2) Match 4/7 + bonus.

The lottery said the odds of winning the main jackpot will be 1 in 33.3 million per $5 ticket.

Good thing about this increase is that there will be no additional cost on tickets and Maxmillion prizes will still be offered on the $50 million threshold as it is right now.

Latest $60 M Lotto Max Jackpot Winner

The latest $60 million Lotto Max winner is from Edmonton, Toronto. The winning numbers are from October 26, 2018 draw. However, the winner’s identity and located has yet to be revealed.

Along with the jackpot prize, 27 Maxmillions were won out of the 56 prizes of $1 million each. The 27 Maxmillions are to be shared by 36 winners.

The Different Ways to Play LOTTO MAX

There are three different ways to play the Lotto Max:

Quick Pick








Check the Quick Pick box on a Lotto Max selection Slip for the lottery terminal to randomly select three sets of numbers. You can also ask the retailer for a Quick Pick.

There is an option to play your sets of numbers again, you just mark the number of draws in the Advance Play box.

There are seven numbers plus one bonus number drawn for the Lotto Max Main Draw and seven numbers for each Maxmillions Draw, when held. To win, numbers should match.


Pick Own Numbers







Select and mark 7 numbers (1-49) that you want to play. And then, for one set of numbers chosen, two sets of numbers will be generated from the lottery terminal.

There is an option to play up to five times per ticket. This means that if you want to play your sets of numbers again, you just mark the number of draws in the Advance Play box.

There are seven numbers plus one bonus number drawn for the Lotto Max Main Draw and seven numbers for each Maxmillions Draw, when held. To win, numbers should match.









For big chances of winnings for only $1 ask the retailer to include ENCORE o Quick Picks with the host game. Marking how many ENCORE you want to play with on the Selection Slip which rangers from 1-10.

With ENCORE, there are 22 ways to win with prizes ranging from $2 to $1 million!

You can win by matching the drawn winning numbers from right to left or left to right in the exact order.