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lottomax June winner

$55M Lotto Max June 2017 Jackpot Winner

$55M Lotto Max June 2017 Jackpot Winner is the fourth winner from Quebec for this year 2017. Ann-Marie Francis who is married to Ian Warcup had been so excited and surprised when she found out about her winnings the day after the draw. They opted not to tell anyone until the conference when they were awarded the check so that everyone will know about it the same time.

The lucky couple are parents of 5 and grandparents of 3. They have a small business making promotional items like t shirts and hats. They also have a pool in the house to upkeep that makes Warcup busy. He is also the one who regularly buys the tickets.

Ann-Marie and Ian have no plans of quickly changing their lives. Ann-Marie said they always believed they are luckier than most people because they eat everyday. And now that they are millionaires they are thinking of buying more food and more expensive food.

They also plan to keep their small business but plan on working on a lesser time to be able to enjoy life. Also, plans on doing business with their son. They are still weighing if they should buy a new house or just renovate the old one.

$55M Lotto Max June 2017 Jackpot Winner. These couple never lived a very luxurious life before but they always had good health.

These couple never lived a very luxurious life before but they always had good health.


$30 Million to Ashman Kennedy of Kitchener means a better life for his children and grandchildren.

Born in Jamaica and has been living in Kitchener, the kind and thoughtful grandfather had won half of the $60 million jackpot on September 16, 2016 draw. He seldom buy lotto max as he feels it is more expensive compare to 6/49. But then he tried his luck on the lotto max opting for a lucky pick.

The day after the drawing when he checked on the winning numbers, he couldn’t believe that he had won. He had to check his ticket numbers over and over again to confirm that he really won the jackpot.

Out of his excitement he called his son, ex wife and his daughter who he woke up and shared his excitement with. Oblivious on the fact of his good fortune. he had all his 15 family members went with him to claim his prize.

Kennedy only thinks of rum, juice, cigarette and travelling for himself as he intends to let his children, grandchildren and even his ex wife enjoy the millions he had won. He plans to send his grandchildren to good school and let all the family members enjoy to travel wherever they want to go.

With Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, India and China in mind, he is excited to find leisure on travelling with his family. But on top of these places would be his first place to visit, Jamaica.

sept 16 2016 lottomax winner

The $30 million winner from Toronto who split the $60 million with a grandfather from Kitchener.

Boris Coquerel who is from Toronto is the other half winner of the $60 million drawn on September 16, 2016. He shares the other half with Ashman Kennedy who is from Kitchener.
Boris sometimes asks his wife to buy the tickets or if he has enough $5 in his pocket, he will buy on his own, but only when jackpot is really big. His winning ticket was bought on Dupont Street at Smoker’s Kiosk.
The winnings had been claimed only after Boris and his wife had seek advice. He said that they will continue working and decide on what to do next when they come up with the plan.
But they already made plans to pay their mortgage, travel abroad with their family and try out international cuisines as they are food lovers.

aug 12

$5 was all it took to win the Lotto Max jackpot of $60 million on August 12, 2016!

Mary Wernicke, had itchy hands when she decided to buy a ticket for a quick pick at the drug store in the town of Switt Current. She only had enough money to buy the ticket saying if she was meant to win, it will just take that much money in her purse.

Five days after the drawing, on the morning that she woke up,, she had a feeiing already that the day will be different. When she found out that she won, she kept it secret for a week from her hometown with only around 80 people.

Winning the jackpot means that she will be able to help all her family of more than 30. She had prayed and dreamed for this opportunity in such a long time that she feels happy it had come true.

OLG's Vice President of Lottery Marketing and Sales Wendy Montgomery presents Desboro resident Joan Patterson with a cheque for $60,000,000 at the OLG Prize Centre Wednesday. Joan won the February 5, 2016 LOTTO MAX jackpot. (CNW Group/OLG Winners)

Cowgirl just got $60 Million luckier from February 5, 2016 Lotto Max draw.

It’s a fortune so unexpected that Joan Patterson, a Desboro Rancher only thought of verifying her ticket, bought from Grant’s Your Independent Grocer in Hanover, twelve days after the draw while having coffee with her husband, Jim at the mall.
When she found out that she won the jackpot, she asked the counter lady to keep quiet. She then called Jim who did not believe her until he saw her expression.
Joan and her husband are happy couple who take care of animals at their ranch. They have horses, donkeys, mule, dogs and cats. Joan loves horses so she thinks of a riding vacation in Arizona. She also thinks of re-fencing their ranch.
For something totally unrelated to their animals and ranch, she would love for herself a Corvette convertible and an RV for Jim so they can go on a trip to the West where the cowboys go.