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Expecting Mom In Delta wins 12M Lotto Max Jackpot!

Expecting Mom In Delta wins 12M Lotto Max Jackpot!

Lisa-Marie Draganiuk of Delta, a dental hygienist is one of four lucky winners who claimed her share of $12.5 million today. She said in a media release she remembers being in “complete delirium” realizing she won the jackpot and called her husband right away.

Lisa-Marie also mentioned she and her husband planned to do some house hunting and will definitely share her winnings with her family.

“The first person I’m going to tell is my mom when I pick her up from work — from a job she never has to go back to,” she also said. “She has done so much for me and I’m really looking forward to returning the favor.” – She surely is a one lucky mom as you are a lucky daughter!

Congratulations, Lisa!

Mount Sinai Nurses split $12.5 Million Lotto Max Jackpot

Nurses Win Lotto Max $12.5M

Mount Sinai Hospital employees have claimed the jackpot of $12.5 Million jackpot for June 5 Lotto Max draw.

Lilia Togade, the leader of the group of 10 health-care colleagues and her daughter, said that they started the lotto pool in their office a year and a half ago.  “Most of us work in the operating room at Mount Sinai Hospital,” she said.

OLG said each of the winners have already planned what to with their share of the jackpot. Some would travel, pay off their homes, invest for their children’s future, and some would share their blessings by giving back to charity.

Here are the names of the lucky winners:

  1. Lilia Togade, Toronto
  2. Analyn Hernaez , Toronto
  3. Donna Togade-Villegas, Toronto
  4. Edwina Parrenas, Toronto
  5. Febmar Lingbanan-Lachica, Toronto
  6. Helenita Dulguime, Brampton
  7. Irina Kofman , Toronto
  8. Leonora Magdaong, Toronto
  9. Maria Carolina Villanueva, Pickering
  10. Mary Ann McDonald, Pickering
  11. Nenad Mraovic , Mississauga
  12. Sandra Lowery, Brampton

Sandra Lowery of Brampton, one of the winners said “as nurses, we are dedicated to our profession and will continue to work in the health-care field,”. This is truly awesome that this happened to these wonderful nurses!

Could the price of lotto max tickets decrease?

Recently, Lotto Max has been discussing reducing lotto max fees by $20 for every $100 tickets purchased while MaxMillions is running.

A petition has been signed by Canadian players that can be found here.

The petition calls for a reduction in lotto max fees, and the return of all previous games offered during the time of Lotto Super 7.

Please sign the petition to get our favorite games back!

$50 Million Lotto Max Ticket Remains Unclaimed

A $50M unclaimed Lotto Max ticket is about to expire. No one has cashed in the ticket, which was purchased at a Cambridge store nearly a year ago. If not turned in, it will be the largest unclaimed prize in Canadian history.

The ticket must by claimed by the Nov. 30th expiration date. The winning numbers are: 3 10 13 23 31 41 45.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission is initiating a publicity campaign in an effort to find the winner. OLG has further information regarding the claiming of prizes on their website at


October 18, 2013 Lotto Max Rolled Over To Next Draw

With no winning numbers, last weeks $50 million jackpot draw was rolled over to the next draw. This means that the upcoming draw on Friday, October 25, 2013 will offer a $50 million jackpot, plus an additional $10 Million in MaxMillions.

Players have up until 9PM EST, Friday October 25, 2013 to purchase tickets.

Good luck!!