$60 Million Prize Remains Unclaimed

$60 million prize remains unclaimed from the Oct 26 Lotto Max jackpot draw. A single ticket that was sold in Edmonton matching all seven numbers with following unofficial winning numbers: 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 20, 30 and bonus 45.

According to the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation, no one yet has claimed the jackpot winnings 2 weeks after the draw.

“Sometimes people just haven’t checked their tickets and sometimes big winners like to make some decisions before they begin the claims process,” spokesperson Andrea Marantz said. “A few weeks is not unusual.”

Lady Bought Lotto Max Ticket First Time In Her Life Won Jackpot

Lady Bought Lotto Max Ticket First Time In Her Life And Won Jackpot

Some people have probably spent half their lifetime buying lotto tickets, while not winning a single cent. But keep your faith up, as Tina Ferrone won the jackpot after buying her first lotto max ticket ever!

Tina said she remembered thinking to herself why not buy a ticket when there’s always a first time for everything. Undoubtedly, she’s happy she did.

According to Tina, at first she thought she won $48,000. Later, after seeing even more zeroes, she said she had check several times to make sure.

Tina Ferrone is a Yoga instructor and plans to open her very own wellness center, her own yoga studio and much more.

Congratulations Tina!