Nine Workers from Guelph Nailed $60 M

Nine workers from Guelph nailed $60 M from the December 21, 2018 Lotto Max jackpot draw. The group had been playing the lottery together for just 2 months.

The winners are all in the same production line on the same shift at Comtech, a Linamar Corporation. They come from different places and some are even immigrants. There are married and there are single individuals who share 17 kids between them. Their ages are between 21 to 57. Eight out of nine are immigrants from Africa, Middle East and South East Asia.

Theirs is a close group who always talk and joke and celebrate each other’s birthday according from their group leader, Ala Hirmiz. And, now they have this unbelievable win to celebrate.

Mercedes Granadino, one of the winners said that she almost didn’t hand over her $5 when it was time to buy their ticket. But she said that she had this sixth sense, like some spirit sitting on her shoulder telling her to play.

The first one to find out about the big win was Fernando Meneses. Mercedes called him early morning on the Saturday following the draw to let him know that she heard from the radio that the winning ticket is from Guelph and forced him to check their ticket.

He scanned it on the OLG Lottery App to find out that he was holding the winning ticket. He actually scanned it five times because he wanted to see the ’60 million, big winner’ that it was showing.

The whole group found out regarding their winning the following Sunday after Fernando discovered they won.

Other group members are Mussie Kelete and Ella Nicole Cabrera who were the first timers to join on the lottery play. Steven Rush who was so surprised that he felt his mind was blown and it felt so overwhelming for him. Bassam Abdi who had only been in Canada for less than a year and would like to explore the country. Tariku Birru has a dream of opening an Ethiopian restaurant. Sampath Pathiraja Mudiyansel plans on buying a coconut plantation in Sri Lanka. A 21-year old woman said that she will study and help parents pay off debts.

The whole group found out regarding the winning the following Sunday after it was discovered they won.

These group said they have already given their resignation letters. Plans for their money include new vehicles, new homes and vacations.

They bought the ticket at a Little Short Stop Store on Silvercreek Parkway in Guelph.

OLG presented a $60 million dollar cheque to the nine coworkers on Thursday that claimed the winning LottoMax jackpot from the December 21 draw.

$10 M Lotto Max Jackpot Makes Life Easier

A retired maintenance electrician, a father of one and a resident of Lake St. Peter grabbed the $10 Million Lotto Max Jackpot on August 3, 2018. Brandon Combdon who is from a small community in Hastings Highlands, about 140 km north of Peterborough or 37 km north of Bancroft, says that $10 M Lotto Max jackpot makes life easier. He and his family had worked all their lives.

He bought his winning tickets at Linkie’s General Store and Gas Bar on Highway 127 in Lake St. Peter, Hastings Highlands. And, checked his ticket at a local gas station. He was shocked when the machine froze and OLG called. He said that he was still in shock after that.

Combdon plans to buy new vehicles, venture on investments and help his family.

When Combdon was at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up his check, he said “I only play LOTTO MAX and LOTTO 6/49.”

Two winners won $35 M Lotto Max Jackpot

Two winners won $35 M Lotto Max Jackpot

The lucky winners who won the $35 million Lotto Max Jackpot came from Ontario and Quebec.

Both winners will receive $17.5 million each.

The jackpot prize for the next draw on August 3 will be approximately $10 million.

Formula Group strikes $60 Million

Formula Group strikes $60 Million. Ten Centre-du-Québec residents who do not know each other had split the $60,000,000 million jackpot giving each an awesome $6,000,000 million share. Quebec has been sweeping big jackpots, garnering a total of four times in the past 18 months. On June 8, 2018.

The following winners are as follows and their reactions, plans and actions after winning the jackpot.

* France Bergeron Savoie is planning to buy a tractor.

* Angèle Cusson is still in the state of disbelief.

* Daniel Devin and Chantale Roy plan to enjoy life with their children. A dream came true for Chantale who aimed to be a millionaire before the age of 40.

* André Gauthier made a prank with his children telling them about funeral arrangements, surprising them. He plans to live a good life with his family.

* Gilles Giguère is planning to buy a new car, a very expensive one.

* André Goupil and Denise Bolduc are planning on a good life, pampering themselves and travelling. Denise Bolduc was very happy after hearing the good news. Denise joked with the cashier after validating ter ticket that if she passes out, call an ambulance.

* Christiane Picotin is planning on renovations. She shared the good news to her son, daughter and family after finding out about the big win.

* Daniel Robitaille and Louise Garneau are planning to go on travelling with pleasure going to places as Europe will be their frist destination.

* Céline Mailhot and Sylvain Cusson, together with their daughters Vicky and Anick are planning on spending quality time together.

* There is one more share left unclaimed.

The claiming of prizes was held in Drummondville where the new multimillionaires celebrated together in a festive meeting.

A Big Win for Mississaugans

The $15,542,241.70 jackpot winnings from the March 23, 2018 Lotto Max draw was shared by a group of 12. Five of them are from Mississaugans, indeed a big win for Mississaugans.

At Terra Foodmart on Dundas Street in Mississauga was where the winning ticket has been purchased.

The group claimed their prize at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto more than a month after the draw date.

The winners are the following:

Wei Zhang
Guoxiang Xiong
Shu Liu
Yi En (Mississauga)
Yu Ping Wang (Mississauga)
Pin He (Scarborough)
Lixia Chen (Scarborough)
Xingiao Liu (Richmond Hill)
Hongbin Zhang (Richmond Hill)
Hanwen Wang (Vaughan)
Jinan Gu (North York)
Xiao Shen (Toronto)