Engaged Couple Got the best advanced wedding present- the $50m Lotto Max Jackpot!

Engaged Couple Get Best Wedding Gift Ever – The $50M Lotto Max Jackpot!

Deanna and Jeff still can’t believe their lives are about to change forever. Having just claimed their wedding present worth $50 Million, they’re officially the newest multimillionaires from Orillia. Perfect timing, right?

Deana Bergeror had gone to the store to buy an ice cream treat for her fiancé, Jeff Bourret, when he asked her to buy two tickets since the lottery jackpot had reached $50M.

On Sunday, Deanna received a call from her mother telling her that someone from Orillia had bought the winning ticket and that IT COULD BE THEIRS! When Deanna saw they had the winning numbers, she immediately took a photo of the ticket and sent it to her Fiancé to be sure.

After Jeff had double checked, he hurried home and they both went to the store to have the ticket validated. They couldn’t believe it and according to Jeff, “it’s been an emotional roller coaster”.

The engaged couple plan to get married in two years, take a trip to Hawaii and buy a couple of new vehicles.

Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you!

Edmonton Couple Revealed Their $50- Million Lotto Max Secret

Edmonton Couple Reveal Their $50M Lotto Max Secret

A lot of us wondered who won the $50 Million jackpot last December. Some of us are even still wondering. But wonder no more, as Andrea and Bill Groner finally decided to reveal their $50 Million secret!

Andrea said she didn’t know she won until 2 days after the draw. She checked the ticket at a self-serve counter in a shopping mall to find out the biggest surprise of her life.

Andrea and her husband had decided to not do anything just yet and continued to live normal lives. Now it’s all out in the open and the couple said they will start with helping families, friends and of course, charities.

Congratulations Groner family!

Lost Ticket Finally Found- $50M Lotto Max Jackpot Claimed

Lost Ticket Finally Found – $50M Lotto Max Jackpot Claimed

Knowing you won $50,000,000 is something you take seriously and I bet everybody will agree it’s not going to be easy. When Hakeem Nosiru learnt he won the lotto max’s jackpot, he actually duct taped his ticket to his body!

That worked smoothly until he thought that a woman’s purse would be safer place to hide a $50M winning ticket. He gave the ticket to his wife for safekeeping and after that, the search had begun!

Hakeem’s wife, Abiola, ended up losing the ticket. According to Abiola, she was so devastated that she couldn’t  eat or sleep. The search went on for two and a half months. They were on the verge of giving up when they received a call from a member of their church saying she had found the winning ticket.

Congratulations to the Nosiru couple!


Grandmother Brings Home $50-Million Jackpot!

Grandmother Brings Home $50M Jackpot!

It’s not an ordinary Mother’s day for Sophie Rizavas this year. She was very excited to claim her $50,000 May 9 Lotto Max winning last Saturday, not knowing she was in for a very big surprise. According to her, she was shocked seeing more than 4 zeroes on the receipt- $50,000,000 in bold letters that is!

Sophie and her husband moved to Canada from Greece 44 years ago on May 10th, exactly the same date she found out she won. At the moment, they have no plans on what to do with the money, but according to Sophie, a proper family vacation would be the first thing.

Congratulations Rizavas family!

Bewildered Lotto Max Winner Received Her Year old $50M Check

Bewildered Lotto Max Winner Finally Receives Her Year Old $50M Cheque

What would you do if a $50M cheque knocks on your door? I probably wouldn’t believe it!

Kathryn Jones of Hamilton, a 55-year-old engineer, said she felt wonderful and devastated at the same time because she knew she had lost the winning lotto ticket a long time ago.

OLG proceeded with its “Lost Ticket Price Claim” process to make sure that the jackpot went to the rightful winner. They conducted a thorough investigation, which included checking surveillance videos, conducting interviews, and going though the OLG transaction database to verify her purchase.

After the long and agonizing process, Kathryn finally got her cheque. Now, the only problem is she doesn’t know what to do with it! But according to Kathryn, international travel and charity is on the list.

Congratulations Kathryn!