sept 16 2016 lottomax winner

The $30 million winner from Toronto who split the $60 million with a grandfather from Kitchener.

Boris Coquerel who is from Toronto is the other half winner of the $60 million drawn on September 16, 2016. He shares the other half with Ashman Kennedy who is from Kitchener.
Boris sometimes asks his wife to buy the tickets or if he has enough $5 in his pocket, he will buy on his own, but only when jackpot is really big. His winning ticket was bought on Dupont Street at Smoker’s Kiosk.
The winnings had been claimed only after Boris and his wife had seek advice. He said that they will continue working and decide on what to do next when they come up with the plan.
But they already made plans to pay their mortgage, travel abroad with their family and try out international cuisines as they are food lovers.