09.22.17 Lott max $0 M winner

The Highest Lotto Max Jackpot Won in Alberta

Brett McCoy is a pipeline worker who met his wife, Robin Walker in the same oil company he was working at. When they started their family, Robin stopped and is now a stay-at-home mom with a hobby farm. They have four kids, the youngest is 4 and the oldest is 16.

This couple from the Yellowhead County won the $60 million jackpot on the September 22 draw. The highest Lotto Max jackpot won in Alberta. Their ticket is the only one in Canada who got all the 7 winning numbers.

Brett and Robin found out that they have won the jckpot when they stopped in at the McLeod Trading post in the tiny hamlet of Peers, on the day after the big draw. They went there just to buy chicken feed and treats for their 4 children.

When Robin checked the quick pick ticket a whole bunch of numbers came up on the screen. He then called her husband to let him know they have won $60,000. The teller came after her and told her to count all the zeros.

Prior to this big win, McCoy had won $100 for 2 consecutive weeks. Their neighbors had joked about that the third time will be a big win.

The couple is taking their time to decide what they will do with their money. Even before they won the big jackpot, they consider themselves rich in every way except for the money. They only dreamed of expanding their hobby farm. Now they also plan on helping other people. They bought a new truck to pick up the cheque which they had thought over and over if they really need it.

McCoy’s and walker’s winning ticket was an $11 quick pick with the winning Lotto Max numbers: 2, 10, 37, 38, 43, 47.